Installing Ignition in Ubuntu 20.04 Server


Installing Inductive Automations Ignition 8 in a headless Ubuntu 20.04 server.

Since Ignition 8 it is really simple to install Ignition in a headless linux server environment. A java runtime is no longer needed as Ignition ships with its own built in correctly licensed java executable. There is just one gotcha, and that is downloading the linux install file to your headless server. The inductive automation website wont let you directly download the file from the link provided from the website, as it is expecting the referrer to be the inductive automation website itself.

1. Downloading Ignition To Your Server

Once you have your Ubuntu install running and ready and you have logged in via SSH, copy the following into your terminal window, don’t hit enter because we’ll be pasting the download location right after it:

curl -L -O -H 'Referer:' 

Go to the inductive downloads page

Click on other operating systems find the Linux Installer 64 bit download and right click and copy the location.

GIF To Download For Linux

Now paste that location after the curl command from above, and press enter to download it to your server. You should end up with a line similar to this:

curl -L -O -H 'Referer:'

Once it has finished downloading we just need to make it executable and then we can run and install.

2. Make the Ignition Installer Executable

If you do an ls -alh in the downloaded directory you’ll see your downloaded executable, but you’ll also notice that the only attributes that are set are Read and Write.

To fix this we use the chmod command. Type the following, but replace with the version that you have downloaded.

When typing in linux terminals you can use the <tab> key to autocomplete, so to type the below command just type chmod +x I and then press tab to autocomplete.

chmod +x 
After the chmod, the file has the x attribute and can be run.

3. Installing

We have to run the Ignition installer as root, so we will use the sudo command.

 sudo ./

Accept the defaults and your ignition will be installed in less than a minute.

Update: As of 8.0.14 you now need to select a user when installing, for a basic install just type in root when asked for a user. In a production environment you should set up a standalone ignition user.

Install is super quick! This GIF in realtime!

Now go to the gateway page at http://yourserverip:8088 and you can start the basic settings and your Ignition Gateway is ready.

Next Steps

Install a database. I usually use MariaDB, I’ll produce another tutorial on how to install that soon and link to it from here.

By Roy Westwood

I've been an Industrial Automation professional for over 20 years. I currently lead a team of Systems Engineers creating OEE and Data Management solutions for customers all over the world.

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  1. Nice tutorial. I’m seeing it too late. I already ftp’ed the Ignition run
    file to my AWS Lightsail instance. curl looks so elegant. It think I have to try it just to see.

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